Turn your repetitive, time-consuming data processes into safe, immediate, automated flows. If you copy and paste Excel data often, this is the point for you.


Take your business decisions with awareness. Gather data-driven information, merge data from different sources and discover all their insights.

Dev Ops

All our solutions are offered with the most modern DevOps best practices, that guarantee automated processes and safe workflows


Unlock the power of models and machine learning on your data. Derive data-driven segments of your customers. Optimize your budget. Forecast the future.

Data apps

Trasform your insights and models into tailor-made web apps. Have customized dashboards and data tools that respond perfectly to your needs.


Data science is the future. Do not just buy a service or a tool: learn, and bring the data science competencies into your company and your teams.


Vanlog's purpose is to unleash the power of your data.
Vanlog provides small and medium businesses, public entities and research institutions with accurate analysis of raw data
along with powerful tools to understand reality by custom visualizations, mathematical models and automated systems.
In 2020, you don't have to be Facebook or Netflix to unleash the value of your data.

Vanlog guides and supports customers through the whole process that lead to a data-driven solution,
from the definition of the business problem and the data audit, to the release of the final solution.
Vanlog supports the data culture development through consultancy and training of new and existing data science teams.

From a technical point of view Vanlog specializes in the programming language R, analysis and full-stack solutions are offered with Python and GNU/Linux as well, automated with the modern “DevOps” best practices.

During the last years Vanlog has worked with multinational corporations, startups, universities, media agencies, institutions. If you want a showcase of Vanlog works, write a line.

Some projects


We are main organizers of eRum2020, the bigger European R Users Meeting of 2020 - a four days conference & workshop event with +100 international contributors. eRum2020 is a totally virtual event with free access for everyone.

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Temperature fluctuations

Together with professor J.K. Dagsvik and S.H. Moen, we have worked for years on a research project focused on understanding the fractal properties of the temperature fluctuations. This section contains data, results, paper and resources for temperature analysis

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