R Package

Temperature fluctuations - The Code

The tempFGN github repository contains all the material related to the paper: How does temperature vary over time? Evidence on the stationary and fractal nature of temperature by John Dagsvik, Mariachiara Fortuna, Sigmund H. Moen All the materials are stored in the form of an R package. You can download or clone the repository and install the package: then all the functions will be available for usage. The same repository contains the online resources published as paper supplementary materials.

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Temperature fluctuations - The Idea Behind

Usually, looking at the time series of observed temperatures, we see graphs as the one below. These graphs show the temperature fluctuations over the past 150 years, where temperatures show a systematic increase. The length of the time series is a crucial feature for understanding temperature fluctuations, because temperatures show cycles that seem to persist for several decades: so, if we want to understand the amplitude of the climate fluctuations, the limited length of the time series may compromise our understanding of the phenomena.

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